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About Us

About My Pool and Spa.
Here you can learn how to look after your water whether you own a pool or spa. We will try to cover some common challenges users have with leisure water whilst providing simple effective solutions, all brought to you by the creators of AquaSPArkle, Blue Horizons and Gold Horizons.

For swimming Pool Owners

Our Blue Horizons  comprehensive range of high quality water treatment products. A new fresh look and feel to continue to make this the go-to range of swimming pool chemicals.

For Spas & Hot tub Owners

AquaSPArkle. An innovative and easy to use range for hot tub users. Our comprehensive AquaSPArkle range of water treatment products will keep your hot tub water healthy, clean and inviting to use.

For Spas & Hot tubs Owners

The new Premium Spa Chemical range is designed to provide improved user performance, alongside greater user convenience.